YouTube Officially Rolls Out Dark Mode For iOS and Android

As reported today by Engadget, YouTube is now rolling out a dark theme option for its iOS app. Turning your background black while watching videos actually help you focus on the video screen. There is no update till now when the dark mode will be available for Android.

Recently, YouTube finally chose to roll out this feature to mobile devices - initially starting off with iOS devices.

On iOS, the feature can be enabled by tapping your profile icon in the top left and then heading into settings where there should be a new "Dark Theme" toggle.

In May 2017, Youtube introduced the dark theme for the Youtube desktop version. One of the most requested features was the addition of this dark theme. The app will automatically switch to a darker hue, with no app restart necessary for the change to go into effect. Are you happy that YouTube has finally gotten with the program and added the dark theme to the iOS and Android apps?

The update has reportedly started rolling out to iOS users and will be followed shortly by an update for Android.

How effective is the Dark Mode?

The goal of the dark theme is to cut down on glare and allow users to take in true colours when watching videos. They reduce glare while also making the colors look more the way they should look. The theme was first announced on the desktop site past year. As a regular YouTube user, you'd probably know about this feature and its functionality. At the time, the feature was said to be available for some mobile users.

If you don't see the dark mode, be patient. However, for the new and not-so-techy users this feature is something to talk about. Can you tell your eyes are not straining as hard with the dark mode?

Vanessa Coleman