Yankees President Randy Levine Annoyed By Dellin Betances Arbitration, Proclaims Self Astronaut

Up in arms is the baseball world that follows the Yankees, elite late inning relievers, and baseball in general regarding Dellin Betances and his loss at a salary arbitration hearing. But it was quite clear Levine's comments had gotten to Betances. But he's not in the NFL.

Even considering the Yankees' payroll was among the highest in baseball previous year, thereby inflating just how much each win was worth to the club in 2016, Betances was worth more than $3 million based on the average MLB payroll of $145.2 million.

They headed to arbitration. Now in fairness, players in Major League Baseball make a very good living and $3 million is a lot of money.

It could have ended there.

The result in Betances' case is not surprising, nor out of the ordinary - the three-member arbitration panels that hear these cases when the two sides can't reach a salary agreement rely on traditional stats such as wins, batting average and runs batted in when comparing the subject player to his peers. Betances believes it is fair for him to say that, as he has led the major leagues in relief innings and strikeouts in his first three seasons, all All-Star seasons as well.

"Having concerns is one thing", Clark said.

Levine called a press conference this morning where he criticized Betances's agent for "using" him to try to "change a marketplace". I feel his agent company could have gone in at a lower request, possibly in the low $4m.

Betances lost his arbitration case against the Yankees on Saturday - the hearing was the previous day in St. Petersburg - and found out he would be paid the $3 million for the upcoming season the team filed for as opposed to the $5 million he requested. The agent took him to a case in like me saying I'm not the president of the Yankees, I'm astronaut. Sooner or later, Betances is going to get the payday he's looking for, and it might not be in NY.

"W$3 e are not going to be bullied by the Yankees team president".

"Dellin didn't have that record", Levine added. None of that is nice!

Also, imagine going to a big, important business meeting, spending half of it calling the main dude you're supposed to be discussing by the wrong name, and then not being far too embarrassed to speak about it afterwards. "I don't know how they feel on their part, but I'm just trying to prepare for the season.and try to perform the best I can". "But I feel like if anything I'll be ready [for the regular season] earlier". I never said, 'No.' Whenever [Joe] Girardi said, 'You want the ball, ' I got it. I'm an astronaut, ' " Levine said. I felt like this whole process was unfair. When asked his opinion on the situation, Betances hinted that when free agency finally does come around he won't soon forget Levine's behavior.

Again, this could have been solved so simply. "It's time to get back to work, that's it".

So thanks, Randy. Spring training is normally a dreadfully boring experience. And it's been spectacularly entertaining to watch from afar. Thanks for adding the entertainment factor.

Vanessa Coleman