Xbox One Updates Available Early For Everyone

Microsoft has been making a lot of changes to its policies regarding Xbox One and for the most part, these changes have actually paid off. The achievement system works really well for Microsoft and they do it far better than anyone else so the hope is that this adds to that.

Back in March, Microsoft announced the Xbox Live Creators Program, finally opening up the Xbox One to anyone that wants to develop a game for the console. Since launching in 2005 with the Xbox 360, the Achievement and Gamerscore system has been an extension of how we all grew up playing games in arcades. Ring 4 is now Omega and Ring 3 is now Delta; Beta and Alpha are still Beta and Alpha, but they are no longer by invitation only. If you are providing good and actionable feedback you will increase your opportunity for that Alpha Preview Ring invite down the road.

Microsoft has released a new update for Xbox One Insiders, complete with a redesigned user-interface that lets users customise the dashboard with the pages and links they use most.

The Creators Collection is a new section of the store on Xbox One featuring games produced and distributed by developers who used the Xbox Live Creators Program to build and ship their creations. Users in the Omega group can expect anywhere from one to eight updates per month, which will collectively take up 4-32GB of bandwidth. Recently we partnered with our friends at Rare and already thousands of gamers are sailing the Sea of Thieves across both Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

The Creators Collection games will be in their own subsection of the Xbox marketplace so you won't have to sift through them if you don't want to. This spring, Paladins was initially available to Xbox Insiders with an XP level of 10 or higher, then Xbox Insiders with XP level 5, before being released to all Xbox Insiders a few weeks before the game was generally available. What would you like to see changed? Are you going to join the Xbox Insider program now that these new rules are in place?

Vanessa Coleman