Xbox boss Phil Spencer becomes executive vice president of gaming at Microsoft

What does Xbox One X Enhanced mean?

Speaking to Giant Bomb immediately after the E3 announcement Phil Spencer said that the lineup of Original Xbox games "won't be as big as Xbox 360", which is supposedly related to music rights in some games.

In the months since its unveiling Activision has highlighted a slew of changes in the pipeline for Call of Duty: WWII - most notably a shift toward "boots on the ground" combat. Of course, with Reddit being Reddit, users did some digging and found out that it wasn't a hoax - the user was confirmed to be playing on Xbox One and not PC as speculated by some.

So if it's technically possible for PS4 and Xbox One players to play together online, what's the hold up? In the meanwhile, HDR 10 support will be extended to both video and gaming.

Likewise, new Xbox Live achievements won't be coming either, since according to Spencer doing so would require patching every game, which is never going to happen.

The Xbox One X isn't set to launch until November 7th, so chances are that this won't be your last opportunity to secure a preorder. The Xbox One S is an incredible device, packing in all that you need for a complete gaming and entertainment experience.

Red boxes added for emphasis. If you go to our digital store you'll be able to sort by those same filters, so I can sort by Xbox One X Enhanced, 4K, or HDR.

Fortnite, a sandbox survival video game, made history as the first game to allow cross-platform play between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Those will show all the games that have been upgraded.

Obviously, a 1080p screen can not show that level of detail, so supersampling will be employed to downscale the image to meet the monitor's requirement. We have a 50 percent faster hard drive to make loading times faster.

Obviously, if a better version of a game is available, why not play it at that higher quality?

So if you missed the bus for Project Scorpio Xbox One X Edition, now is your chance to get onto the Standard Xbox One X Edition - Amazon has started taking pre-orders for it.

Vanessa Coleman