Xavier University drools over America's first pizza ATM

No longer do always-hungry Americans have to settle for vending machines that offer small snacks like chips and cookies.

The US is set to get its very first pizza ATM, and it's the students at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, who'll be the lucky recipients of the 24/7 machine.

Xavier has partnered with a French company to install the first Pizza ATM in the United States.

Paline says the pizza dispensers have been in Europe for 14 years.

Access to pizza 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, is a basic student right. Each 12-inch pizza costs $9-10, depending on toppings; customers select their pizza on a touch screen and pay with either a student card or credit card.

Oh, and if you're looking for a pizza ATM for your home or office, according to Xavier, they retail for the low, low price of just $55,000. Not like any typical cafeteria slice. Luckily, a New Yorker was on hand to give a real review. You can find it in the dining hall of Xavier University in Cincinnati.

The university put a Pizza ATM in one of its residence halls that serves up a fresh, restaurant-quality pizza in minutes. However, this is a complete gamechanger for broke college students everywhere.

Vanessa Coleman