Woman shot, son injured in hours-long police standoff

Korryn Gaines, 23, was shot and killed Monday morning by Baltimore County police officers in Randallstown, Maryland, after confronting them with a gun.

Gaines make it obvious that she's referring to police when she notes that she purchased her pistol-grip, pump-action 12-gauge shotgun ("Big Girl") before "they threw me charge" (arrested her) and she became a prohibited person. People who saw the postings, Johnson said, responded by encouraging her to not comply with police.

Gaines' reported aggressive behavior surrounding her arrest in March, an agitated visit she paid - and video-recorded - to a police station in April, and her refusal to put down her gun over five hours of cajoling from both trained negotiators and her boyfriend on Monday are all indicators of a possibly manic state.

"Do you want to go out there?" When I first heard about the 58 year old innocent black man getting profiled & killed by an MPD officer back in early March of this year, I wasn't surprised because I knew it would happen sooner or later because the mayor, the police chief, and the police tried to desperately cover up that incident to no avail.

Gaines' uncle Jerome Barnett, 44, told the Baltimore Sun that his niece "was feisty, but she was smart and she was respectful".

At a news conference Tuesday, Chief Jim Johnson said Facebook suspended Gaines' account during the negotiations at their request. "The entire time throughout the afternoon she would repeatedly point the weapon at our personnel". In the caption, she said it was for self-defense. "But I don't feel like they exhausted all the means of negotiation". "There's not enough accolades I can give her", McGee-Gaines said. "Her heart was in a good place, she loved her black people, and she just wanted them to see things for what she felt it really was". Gaines was killed and her son was injured, though police have not said whose bullet struck him.

Baltimore County police contacted Facebook and asked them to take down the live stream after followers urged Gaines to defy officers, WJZ's Meghan McCorkell reports.

Woman shot, son injured in hours-long police standoff

Facebook has a portal for law enforcement requests, though, and police did ask the social media giant to deactivate her account "to preserve the integrity of the negotiations". An officer issued Gaines citations related to her vehicle registration, insurance and tags - offenses that would have commanded at least $560 in fines - and filed criminal charges stemming from the same traffic stop the next day, according to court records.

Police said she had to be pulled from the auto.

A police spokeswoman says hostage negotiators were present during the barricade. The company released some data in about 73 percent of those requests.

Gaines barricaded herself into the apartment with her child, while Courtney and a 1-year-old child left the building. Police were not sure whether he was hit by the gunfire or shrapnel. Police were also serving an arrest warrant for Courtney on second degree assault charges.

The police were placed on administrative leave-a standard procedure following a shooting-and their names will be revealed Thursday, August 4.

The county's body camera program - which eventually will equip more than 1,400 officers with cameras - was launched only about a month ago. He did not say whether Gaines had threatened her son.

The police showed up at Gaines' apartment around 9:20 a.m. on Monday with arrest warrants for Gaines and Kareem Courtney, a man who shared the residence, from unrelated incidents. At that moment, my heart was beating rapidly because if I had shown any sort of resistance, I would've ended up being a hashtag like Koryn Gaines, Alton Sterling, and many other brothers and sisters that have been killed at the hands of the police.

Vanessa Coleman