With consecutive hikes, petrol crosses Rs 90-mark in Maharashtras Parbhani

Similarly, petrol is being sold for ₹83.54 per litre in Chennai and the diesel retail price is ₹76.64 per litre.

Petrol and diesel prices saw a hike of 14 paise per litre in Delhi. Petrol prices in Maharashtra's Parbhani breached the Rs 90-mark with Tuesday's hike and touched Rs 90.11 per litre, IANS reported.

On Monday, opposition parties, led by the Congress, called a nationwide strike against the constant rise of fuel prices and degradation of rupee against United States dollar.

Senior party leader Dilip Pandey said unrest against Narendra Modi-led government is growing and the opposition can not remain silent to the plight of common man affected by issues like fuel price hike, corruption and unemployment. At the same time, the diesel prices too marched ahead and was priced at Rs 78.83 per litre.

Nearly half of the fuel price is made up of taxes. The government would have to forego a tax revenue of Rs. 820 crore towards diesel, and Rs. 300 crore on petrol. "The effect of this benefit has kept inflation under control despite rise in fuel prices".

In Delhi, a litre of petrol cost Rs 80.87 and diesel cost Rs 72.97 - both marking an increase of Rs 0.14 per litre.

This is the biggest increase in rates in any fortnight since the daily price revision was introduced in mid-June previous year.

Meanwhile, the increase pushed the petrol price in Delhi to Rs 80.38 per litre. Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said, "Diesel, petrol price rise is out of our hands because oil-producing countries have limited production".

If the reports coming from the power corridors of Amaravati, Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu is learnt to have chose to give relief to the citizens by reducing the Value Added Tax (VAT) on diesel and petrol in the State. Because the price is built up by excessive taxes on petrol and diesel.

The VAT rates are as high as 39.12 per cent in Maharashtra on petrol, and Andhra Pradesh levies the highest VAT on diesel at 28.08 per cent.

As it stands, the sales tax the state has imposed on petrol is 30.37 per cent, and that on diesel is 23.81 per cent.

Vanessa Coleman