William Shatner's Alleged Son Wants $170 Million and a Paternity Test

Peter Sloan, 59, says Shatner admitted he was his dad back in 1984 on the set of "T.J".

William Shatner has been hit with a multi-million dollar lawsuit from the man claiming to be his long-lost son.

"I have endured quite a bit over the years and always stayed above the fray in terms of going after him for anything", Sloan told the paper.

Peter Sloan, whose website describes him as "your source for Insurance and Annuities from America's leading companies", filed the suit in Florida and is demanding that Shatner submit a DNA test, Fox News reports.

Twice this year, in stories about the relationship he is claiming, Sloan told the Tribune his interest was never fame or fortune but only connecting with the man he believes is his father.

After that supposed conversation, Sloan claims Shatner has since denied the allegations. "Hooker", but shortly afterwards a representative for the star contacted him and said he was "totally denying paternity at this point". "There have been many people over the years who have claimed to be his children or other relatives. He is an incredibly busy, eighty-year-old man, and is not interested in spending time discussing this issue with you or any such individuals".

Sloan says the rep also advised him to keep the matter quiet since it could be "horrendous" for Shatner's career.

William's lawyer Erik Hyman has also been in touch with Peter after he registered the internet domain petershatner.com, started hosting a radio show on CBS under the name Peter Shatner in 2011 and turned up to see William at a meet-and-greet.

The actor has "pinned" a tweet in which he pointedly professes his love for his children so it remains at the top of his Twitter account.

A few weeks later, according to Sloan, during a phone call Shatner, said he couldn't go public with the news he had a son out of wedlock.

William Shatner refuses to acknowledge he has another son.

He is seeking $30 million in compensatory damages, $90 million in punitive damages, and $50 million in pain and suffering.

William has been married to Elizabeth Martin since 2001 and has three daughters from his first marriage to Gloria Rand.

Vanessa Coleman