Why We Can't Wait for the iPhone 7

Apple is on hard times in 2016 - Samsung is dominating the market with their Galaxy S7 offer and the ever growing influence of the cheap but powerful Chinese alternatives in Huawei's line up has had a progressive impact on sales.

That is all well and true until this autumn when the brand new iPhone 7 and IPhone 7 Plus are bound to hit the US and international markets. Apple really needs to bring its A-game in order to shut up the naysayers who have been going on repeat about "Apple's decline in both innovation and market leadership." They still have a very strong presence on the App Store, where casino apps are making a real comeback - make sure to check out http://www.casinoappkings.com for some quality content.

It won't be easy of course, though by all the leaks we have witnessed in the past period, one can get a pretty good notion of what will be unveiled by Tim Cook and his team of engineers. Let's get a closer look at what makes us so excited for the new iPhone and will make it even better, should it become a reality.

Waterproof phone (and dust resistant)

This is more of a given since we already knew Apple was making the 7 waterproof. BUT there's the new twist about adding dust resistance as well. We hope Apple can utilize the new scratch resistant technology in order to make the"7" both sturdier and a lot less scratchy than any of its predecessors. Yes, we like our iPhones chrome and shiny!

LCD display technology and larger, edge to edge display (still no OLED though)

It is kind of disappointing that Apple won't be utilizing OLED screens but there is still hope for it. A leak from a month ago suggests Apple has been playing with an LCD display and this may bump the screen sharpness and color intensity by a wide margin (something Apple has been in a need of doing, ever since Samsung's peak with the AMOLED technology). The screen itself will be a edge to edge display and from the early looks it does appear to be nothing short of gorgeous. 

No more camera bump (nor antenna bands) - larger, single lends sensor and a larger battery

When we are talking real design changes we have to mention the decision to (finally) exclude the need for a camera bump. Sleek is the new sexy according to Apple, with the need for antenna bands as well.

While it looks like we will be getting a much smoother iPhone, the form itself is not going to change one bit. From all the leaked models we can conclude that Apple is not yet giving up on the standard look of their premium device, though what is impotent to note is the trim - 6 to 6.5 mm is the new thickness and this is just ridiculously thin for a phone.

Speaking about the camera, it is poised to have dual lens (oh goodie!) and it has been in development for some time by Israeli based firm Lynx Imaging (which Apple bought for specifically this reason).

No more headphone jack! (dropping the 3.5mm adaptor - instead reliance on Bluetooth tech)

This is a controversial one but not without merits. For far too long we are reliant on headphones that jam in our pockets, but is the world ready for an iPhone that requires cordless Bluetooth headphones to listen to your favorite music? Risky but let's see how it works in the end. Oh yeah, this totally confirms the fact that the iPhone 7 won't have the 3.5 mm audio jack. Progress!

The standard, "boring" stuff include the latest hexa-core processor, armed with 3GB of RAM and up to 128 GB's of storage across different models.  

Vanessa Coleman