WHO and vaccine group back ‘critical’ cervical cancer shots

This year, the World Health Organization is focusing on cervical cancer.

The lower part of the womb or the Uterus is called the "cervix", and cancer affecting this part is known as "Cervical Cancer".

Less women are dying from cervical cancer because of regular Pap tests and immunizations.

February 4 is World Cancer Day- global observance that helps raise people's awareness of cancer and how to prevent, detect, and treat it.

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Each year, more than 310,000 women die from cervical cancer, and the vast majority of deaths are in poorer countries where immunisation rates against the human papillomavirus (HPV) that causes it are low. Most sexually active women and men will be infected at some point in their lives, and some may be repeatedly infected.

There are more than 100 varieties of HPV, 40 of which are passed through sexual contact and can affect the genitals, mouth or throat.

Cancer is a disease that affects nearly everyone.

Also Balance Director Colin Shevills, said that just like tobacco, alcohol also leads to cancer and in the case of breast cancer, a clear proof shows that there is nothing like "safe" level of drinking.

She explains the current guidlines for screenings.

The remaining 90% of those left over will develop a cancer symptom, such as a seizure resulting from a brain tumour or a lump resulting in breast cancer and will consult their GP.

And then, the test should be done every three years after that.

Skim Peduli Sihat for the B40 group (PeKa B40 scheme) which will be implemented in March provides health screening services, medical aid, incentives for cancer treatment and transportation fare support.

"HPV vaccine is a very very good vaccine that when given now is going to protect our teenage from experiencing cervical cancer", she said. Women who have not been exposed to the HPV infection are likely to benefit more from the vaccine.

"Vaccination is free and is being provided to girls at 12 years of age". Everything should be done to make citizens go to preventive check-ups and screenings as early detection and timely diagnosis make the disease curable.

Vanessa Coleman