What's wrong with Delhi? Nigerian brutally assaulted in public

Delhi Police today arrested five people in connection with the assault on a Nigerian national in Malviya Nagar. A case has been lodged against them as well.

In a video that surfaced on Monday, a person of Nigerian nationality could be seen tied to a street light post and thrashed with sticks and iron rods by a mob.

According to reports, the Nigerian man was allegedly caught inside the house of Malviya Nagar resident Krishna Kumar in the early hours of September 24. In one clip, he is upright, tied to a lamp post and in his underwear. Eventually, the African started to bleed profusely from the head.

In the video, the man is seeing pleading the mob to stop. While he was floored, a person is seen lifting his legs and hitting him. A video of the incident went viral Monday.

Some locals said the police knew that Ahmad had been thrashed but did not probe the case in a fair manner.

On Sept 24, Ahmed allegedly broke into the second floor house of Savitri Nagar resident Krishan Kumar from the roof of the building. The mob that caught him, instead of immediately calling over the cops or dragging him to the nearest police station, chose to inflict some of their self-styled justice on him. The police said Ahmad was found in possession of a wire cutter and a bag with master keys.

Officials said that if Ahmad confirms the assault and explains the sequence of events, it would become easy for them to nail the attackers. He was asked about his address here and his passport but did not cooperate, said an officer.

The Nigerian embassy has been informed about his arrest.

Vanessa Coleman