What is Google Lens?

It will soon support non-premium Spotify accounts, Soundcloud, and Deezer, and Google will also add Bluetooth support so you can play other stuff directly from your phone, tablet, or laptop as you could with any Bluetooth speaker.

When making a payment through Google Assistant, the user can place an order with a supporting business by speaking their request, completing the payment using one of their stored cards and authenticating the transaction with their fingerprint.

Google said in its blog post, "Yesterday, we announced the Google Payment API, which lets people pay in the app or online with any verified credit or debit card saved to their Google Account, via products like Google Play, Chrome, and YouTube".

There is a new configuration of Android - an initiative for entry-level Android devices.

All users have to do is activate Google Assistant and then ask it to send money, tell it the amount, and who to send it to, and that's it.

Google said that Assistant was previously already available on 100 million devices before it launched on iPhone. Unfortunately, that action isn't working correctly in Google Assistant's early days. Hoffman announced that Assistant will now be able to understand typing and over the next few months you'll see some more nifty Assistant features.

Autofill has a new update as well. Android Go will work on the smartphones which have less than 1 GB of memory. The company will also offer developers a set of guidelines for application developers so they can ensure their apps don't take a big chunk out of system resources or mobile data. We also previewed new security and management features in Android O that give enterprise customers additional app and data protections. Google Assistant will also now take advantage of Google Lens, allowing users to take a photo at real world items to get information via Assistant. Perhaps the most significant feature is that Home users will be able to make hands-free phone calls, through the device. Therefore, if you lose your phone, or upgrade to a newer one, all your old apps will immediately begin to download once you allow it. Yay!

Google is unveiling a lot of new things at the Google I/O 2017, to which the latest addition is the Android Go.

Vanessa Coleman