We didn't sign Di Maria, our account was hacked - FC Barcelona

Di Maria has been linked with a move to Barcelona in the summer transfer window.

Perhaps next time they'll announce Lionel Messi's departure to really get Catalans squirming.

The transfer was seen as controversial given that Di Maria, who now plays for Paris Saint-Germain, spent four years at Barcelona's enemies Real Madrid.

Just one game into the season, Barcelona stands second in La Liga's standings behind Real Madrid, who leads on account of a one goal differential. "And sorry for the hoax".

During the hack attack, the hackers also tried to make hashtag #FCBHack trending on the Twitter platform.

The same thing was posted on the club's official Facebook page as well.

For an hour, the club kept deleting the tweets while "OurMine" kept re-posting them. The tussle continued for some time between the two entities before the club was finally able to regain full control and make the corresponding announcement.

About an hour ago, FC Barcelona took to Twitter to confirm the hacking and said "Our accounts have been hacked tonight". We are working to fix it as soon as possible. "Thanks for your patience", the club posted on Wednesday.

The group have formerly hacked social media accounts of global organisations such as Netflix, Marvel, WWE, HBO and Playstation.

They have also not spared websites like Variety, TechCrunch and BuzzFeed.

Vanessa Coleman