Watch Jon Stewart Fail to Soothe Trump's Ego on 'Colbert'

For the segment, Stewart would go on to help balance the criticism with positive things on Trump.

"Trump tweeted Saturday that late-night talk show hosts' negative coverage of his presidency is playing into the Democratic party, and called the cracks at his expense "'unfunny' & repetitive material".

Last night, Stephen Colbert was joined by a special guest on The Late Show, Mr. Jon Stewart.

That question doesn't really make any sense, because Trump and his fellow Republicans get plenty of air time.

Colbert started off by talking about how ridiculous it is that Trump is asking for this freakish sort of equality in news coverage, saying, "Donald Trump thinks we should give equal time on a comedy show even though the election is over, kind of like if The Big Bang Theory was immediately followed by the Creationist Bazinga Fun Time Hour starring Jesus and his roommate, a T-rex". While his initial reaction was "no", the host was feeling charitable and chose to give him "equal time" anyway "just to make [him] feel better".

Then Stewart came on, wearing a T-shirt and a nervous look.

Sporting his now signature post-Daily Show retirement beard, a wide-eyed Stewart blinked in front of a mic as Colbert teed up opportunities for Stewart to counteract his merciless jokes. "Kind of like if The Big Bang Theory was immediately followed by The Creationist Bazinga Fun Time Hour".

"And be positive", Colbert said, directing that it was Stewart's moment to speak. After saying one nice thing about Trump ("Donald Trump is not a cannibal"), Stewart then ranted about the President again.

The skit ended the same way, this time with Colbert affirming that the Leader of the Free World does not eat his fellow man. "Pretty soon, the only contraceptive women will have left is his face", Colbert joked. "I will do my usual unfair slamming of the president, and you will provide the counterweight", Colbert told his former boss. "Can I have more time?" When forced to speak on the spot, he offered, "Donald not a cannibal".

Stewart: Donald Trump is great to women!

Vanessa Coleman