Watch Joe Crowley's Awesome Concession to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Ted Kennedys office to the National Hispanic Institute to political organizing to the service industry. "Before Tuesday's victory catapulted her to the front of the political conversation, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez seemed to find readier audiences with outlets such as Elite Daily, Mic or Refinery29 - websites most often associated with millennial and female audiences - than with traditional publications", the Times noted, pointing directly at other outlets that did not discount her campaign.

"She was always up for a good debate, absolutely, but not before hearing someone else", said Fernandez, who was the assistant director of the center at the time.

"I would support impeachment", she told CNN.

Despite the hype, Crowley, who represented New York's 14th district, was widely considered a heavy favorite in the race.

The friend who introduced them, Mina Vahedi (Wheelock'11, '14), says she mentioned Ocasio-Cortez's campaign to her political junkie cousin last summer, who replied, "She has no chance at all".

Like Ben Jealous, the former NAACP president who just won the Democratic nomination for Governor of Maryland, Ocasio-Cortez won not only by running unabashedly to the left-both candidates worked for Bernie Sanders in 2016 and were themselves endorsed by Our Revolution-but as a "movement" progressive.

-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez " I think we need to look at the damaging legislative history of what we've done with our taxes", said Ocasio-Cortez.

"This race is about people versus money. There's something that people see in her specifically".

Janison: Part of the answer is that Ocasio-Cortez used the standard insurgent-candidate methods of legwork and whatever ads and mailings she could afford, emphasizing messages along the lines of Bernie Sanders. She specialized in foreign affairs and immigration in his office from 2008 until his death in 2009.

The incumbent said he wishes "the best" for the progressive Ocasio-Cortez.

"So many people would talk about Sandy and how great she was", she said.

Among her issues is expanding the Medicare program to people of all ages and abolishing Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

Cillizza: Ocasio-Cortez is nearly certainly coming to Congress now. Day observance in 2011. Nonetheless, Ocasio-Cortez took a lead out of the gate and won by a 57-42 landslide. Ocasio-Cortez asked her fellow students that day, according to BU's student newspaper The Daily Free Press. King made a conscious decision. Ocasio-Cortez will now go on to run against Republican candidate Anthony Pappas in the November midterm elections.

Igor Lukes, a BU global relations professor, recalls teaching Ocasio-Cortez in his class "Power and Legitimacy" in 2010. As Matt Stoller has pointed out, her small-donor-driven campaign also overcame Crowley's network of supporters which included some of the richest and most powerful corporations in the country such as Facebook, Google, Blackrock, Citigroup, JP Morgan, Lockheed Martin and Viacom.

"I think that here in NY, the historical wisdom is to go after your triple primes", she said, "Nationally I think there are probably some folks doing good work and some exciting candidates like Ayanna Pressley out in MA doing that work, but here in NY and here in this district, I feel like it wasn't being done".

Vanessa Coleman