WARREN DOUBLES DOWN: Sen. Warren SLAMS Trump, CLAIMS Native American Heritage

"Let's talk about Pocahontas", was Elizabeth Warren's big line.

The type of violence Jackson and his allies perpetrated on Indian tribes "remains part of life today" for Native Americans on and off Indian reservations, Warren said, noting that more than half of Native American women have experienced sexual violence. During her speech, Warren sought to debunk the "Pocahontas myth" - the "fairy tale" story about the purported Jamestown romance between the Indian chief's daughter and the Englishman John Smith.

However, Warren did mention her heritage in a directory for the Association of American Law Schools, according to the CNN.

"We have a president who can't make it through a ceremony honoring Native American war heroes without reducing native history, native culture, native people to the butt of a joke", Warren said. "I'm more concerned with what she stands for than who she claims to be, and the fact is she is a major contributor to the negative dynamic and dysfunction in Washington".

On her lack of family tribal enrollment, Warren told the conference, "I respect that distinction".

"I'm here today to make a promise", Warren said.

Warren apparently changed her mind about appearing at the summit and made a surprise appearance on Wednesday, addressing allegations that she has lied about her ancestry. I am not enrolled in any of the three Federally recognized Cherokee Tribes, nor am I an active member of any Cherokee or Native American community.

"I get why some people think there's hay to be made here", Warren said. I will use my national platform to advance the rights of Native Americans and I commit to building real relationships in Indian Country as an ally and supporter.

The other way to claim that her parents are "real people" and launch into a typical politician's "moving" story about them.

At the event, she delivered a speech in which she doubled down on her claims of Native American ancestry and lashed out at President Trump's alleged disrespect of American Indians.

Warren said the story her parents lived "will always be a part of me".

- Sen. Elizabeth Warren directly confronted Trump's nickname for her Wednesday.

"Sen. Warren needs to accept responsibility for misappropriating Native identity for her own economic and political gain".

Warren told the Native American group that Trump's taunts had led her to a decision: "Every time someone brings up my family's story, I'm going to use it to lift up the story of your families and your communities".

Near the end of her speech, Warren implored the crowd to "stand with everyone who has gotten the short end of the stick from Washington over and over and over". "And, for nearly as long, her story has been taken away by powerful people who twisted it to serve their own purposes". "We must come together to write a new story, not just for Native Americans, but for all Americans".

Warren nevertheless shifted the conversation from her personal grievances to larger, systemic injustices against Native Americans-most of which predate Trump's tenure as president by a few centuries.

Vanessa Coleman