Warrant issued for Deandre Harris, accused of unlawful wounding on August 12

Now, according to The Washington Post, a warrant has been issued for Harris' arrest based on the same parking lot beating.

Suspect Jacob Goodwin, 22, was arrested Tuesday at 7:06 p.m. on a warrant issued by Virginia authorities for the racially-motivated August 12 beatdown of the outnumbered DeAndre Harris inside a parking garage.

Goodwin was identified as one of at least five men who can be seen in online video footage pummeling DeAndre Harris, a 20-year-old former special education instruction assistant, inside a parking garage after the August 12 rally, the Post reported. Video shows the man that Merritt says identifies as Crews trying to stab a counter-protester with the pole of a Confederate flag, and Harris swinging a flashlight in response.

Merritt also said Harris was in the hospital receiving treatment for his own injuries during the time of the attack. He was identified by Harris' lawyer S. Lee Merritt as Harold Ray Crews.

An unidentified accuser claimed he was injured by Harris. Videos show Harris - a black man - being beaten with objects by a crowd of white men. "They're forcing him to come down and face these charges, within a government that seems to have to at least be complicit in some part to his injuries, and being very slow in issuing warrants against his attackers", Merritt says. According to a report from Charlottesville's NBC affiliate WVIR, the warrant was issued after the accuser went directly to the magistrate in question, rather than the police. Police won't reveal details of the warrant, including who made the complaint, until it is served.

Dozens of protesters are demanding the city drop the charges against Harris.

Harris is wanted for unlawful wounding and he is not now in custody.

"I would expect for him to choose to decline to pursue charges", Merritt told me.

"We find it highly offensive and upsetting, but what's more jarring is that he's been charged with the same crime as the men who attacked him", he said, adding that his client would turn himself into police in the coming days. The decision of whether to prosecute Harris falls on Commonwealth's Attorney Warner D.

Vanessa Coleman