Walmart, Google team up to offer voice shopping

This partnership ups the game in voice enabled eCommerce.

This is the curious question one family asks Google Home in its TV ad. "Walmart said it would fulfill its Google Express orders itself, a new, likely cheaper model for Google", report Jack Nicas and Laura Stevens for the Wall Street Journal. This will also be accessible through Google Home as well.

With Google joining Walmart's side in the increasingly cutthroat grocery wars, will Amazon be able to stay at the forefront of the competition?

This integration allows Google to make purchase recommendations. Customers can speak to their Google device and say for example, "Google, buy me coffee" and then Google's algorithms will offer suggestions on brands and even scan for deals. So the quick personalization with Walmart should make voice-activated shopping more attractive, he said.

"This is just the beginning", Lore writes.

Using the platform with Google behind it, it will be as simple as, "Google, buy orange juice".

Starting in September, Walmart shoppers can shop via Google Express.

Amazon has been pushing discounts and exclusive offers to customers who shopped using their Alexa service, with artificial intelligence helping to mould the shopping carts of the future.

To entice more users to Google Express, the company also removed the $10 per month or $95 per year membership fee.

Walmart, which owns the Asda chain of United Kingdom supermarkets, will offer customers a discount on picking up their items in store. If you're already an existing Walmart customer, you can link your account to Google Express and so your shopping results are based on what you've previously bought, including the size and type of a product that you purchased before.

"Google launched Google Express in 2013 and steadily expanded the service to reach the full contiguous late previous year".

'Ok Google, what noise does a panda make?'

It's part of Wal-Mart's plans to expand its offering as bricks-and-mortar stores come under more pressure from online shopping. Well, right now there is only one!

By partnering with Google, Walmart will be able to compete in the digital segment with Amazon.

Privacy conscious consumers may be a bit anxious. Moreover, roughly a quarter of consumers own a voice-controlled device, whether an Amazon Echo (16 percent) or Google Home (6 percent), while another 20 percent plan to purchase one in the next year. But thanks to a new partnership, Walmart now has a powerful ally in the battle against Jeff Bezos' behemoth. "Not very many people use it yet, but that means there's also a really strong potential for growth".

And now Google gains access to this data. "It's $7.99. Do you want that?" Everyone wants to target offers to consumer's tastes.

Vanessa Coleman