Walking vehicle that could save lives - CBBC Newsround

It looks straight out of Star Wars or could be mistaken for a Transformer, but Hyundai's "walking car" concept, unveiled at CES 2019, could be the future of disaster assistance and emergency response.

The headlights are particularly interesting as the company says they can project a "bright red warning symbol" in front of pedestrians to indicate it is unsafe to move in front of the vehicle.

In terms of global targets, Hyundai's goal is to have 10 million active connectivity users globally and to apply connected auto technologies to all of its vehicle segments in the global market by early 2022.

Hyundai calls the Elevate EV the world's first vehicle with moveable legs.

However, we believe, at tsunami or natural disaster hit regions, such a rescue vehicle will mean faster and better access.

Each wheel is powered by an electric motor, and they can be braked to work as feet as the vehicle walks either like a reptile or mammal, depending on the situation.

Another preview, showing the concept as a city taxi, demonstrates how such technology could make it easier for passengers to travel around hard environments.

Many such futuristic auto concepts never make it to the factory but perhaps there are some applications for this kind of vehicle in the future.

More than 2,000 years after the wheelbarrow's debut in classical Greece, ushering in a new era of locomotion, Hyundai's latest concept vehicle is created to walk as easily as it rolls. Each of its legs is also equipped with a wheel, enabling it to either drive or walk to its destination - or both. For example, an Elevate stuck in snow on a roadside could get up and walk back to lanes of traffic.

This vehicle is also able to drive at high speeds.

Suh added that the vehicle's usefulness wouldn't be limited to emergency situations. "The possibilities are limitless.", mentions John Suh, VP and Head, Hyundai Cradle. On that note, South Korean auto manufacturer Hyundai has showcased its walking vehicle project at the gala event which eerily looks very similar to a transformer (like in the movie).

Hyundai has been working on the concept with industrial design consultancy Sundberg-Ferar for three years.

Vanessa Coleman