Voter registration deadline is Friday

The voter registration deadline for this year's general election is this Friday as well as the deadline to register for next year's primary. A new state law allows 2,000 instead of 1,200 people per precinct, she said. Those declared mentally incapacitated must get a court order restoring their capacity to vote.

To change parties, voters need to mark their choice on the registration form and send it to the Board of Elections, postmarked no later than Friday. The office is in room 315 of the Wilkes County Office Building on North Street in Wilkesboro. A person must have been a resident of the address presented for at least 30 days.

Elections in 2018 include a race for the 24th Congressional District and a gubernatorial race.

Once the application is received and processed, a ballot will be mailed.

"Nowadays I think they are more focused on the issues and they look at each issue one at a time". All absentee ballots must be postmarked no later than November 6 to be counted.

All registration forms must be postmarked by October 13 and arrive at the Board of Elections no later than October 18, or brought into the Board of Elections in order to be eligible to vote in the upcoming election.

People can also go to their local registrar's office or their local Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles customer service center to register.

Vanessa Coleman