Violet Mosse-Brown, oldest verified living person dies at 117 in Jamaica

Since becoming the world's oldest person less than a year ago, Brown has brought much visibility to Duanvale.

With Mosse-Brown's death, Nabi Tajima, of Japan, is now the world's oldest verified living person.

The world's oldest person has died at the age of 117 years and 38 dats.

When she was named the world's oldest person in April, she answered the question everyone asks. what's the secret to longevity?

Her son, Barry Russell, told local Jamaican newspaper The Gleaner that she didn't look well Saturday and was taken to a doctor who said she had irregular heartbeat and was dehydrated.

It is turned off, to 117 years and 189 days, woman più elderly in world.

The New York Daily News reports that the super-centenarian (those who live over 110 years ) actually outlived at least one of her children.

Moss Brown said she remembers when cars, airplanes and electricity came to Jamaica. She was also predeceased by the world's oldest man, after Holocaust survivor Yisrael Kristal died at the age of 113 during August in Haifa, Israel, shortly before his 114th birthday.

Brown died at the Fairview Medical Centre in Montego Bay, St James at 2:30 p.m. Ms Brown says it was eating cows' feet, reading the Bible and staying away from rum that kept her going.

She added her "faith in serving God, and believing strongly in the teaching of the bible" were also fundamental to a long and healthy life.

Vanessa Coleman