Vehicle falls seven stories from Austin parking garage

Authorities have released video showing the moment a BMW 4 Series plunged seven stories off the edge of a parking garage in downtown Austin, narrowly missing a man driving his SUV as it smashed into the alley below.

The footage taken by security camera's in the parking garage shows the SUV entering the parking lot to make a U-turn and driving away from the site when the overturned BMW suddenly falls from above.

The video released Thursday shows the vehicle landing on top of an SUV and then rolling upside down onto the ground.

Austin-Travis County EMS and Austin police said the woman's auto went off the garage near Sixth Street and Brazos Street around 8:30 a.m. July 13.

The lady's auto arrived on a Chevrolet Tahoe that was driving northbound in the back road amongst Fifth and Sixth boulevards.

The incident happened in an Austin alley last month.

FOX 7 reports that the cables are hanging just as they were after the crash on July 13, and that city code enforcement is working closely with the property owners to bring the system up to code. She was later admitted to a hospital where she was treated for minor cuts and bruises.

Local media are reporting the incident was the second time a vehicle has broken through the barriers of the Austin auto park.

Vanessa Coleman