US Ambassador to Panama resigns

"Given what happened in the last few days, people are wondering how are they going to be effective in an environment like this", said a US official who works regularly with the State Department.

The letter goes on to say that he leaves the embassy "in good hands" and the USA relationship with Panama is "strong". Officials said Feeley's departure was communicated to the U.S. They were a mix of disappointment, concern and admiration for the ambassador who served as a mentor to numerous current diplomats who specialize in the Western Hemisphere.

Feeley's resignation was submitted prior to Thursday's controversial remarks.

In December, Elizabeth Shackelford, a State Department worker in Nairobi, put down her resignation papers.

"Everyone has a line that they will not cross", Goldstein told reporters.

FILE PHOTO: U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission John Feeley in Mexico speaks during a ceremony at a hangar of the Secretariat of National Defense in Mexico City, Mexico November 8, 2010. Many diplomats had never contemplated leaving State, always intending instead to make USA diplomacy their life's work and long-term career track.

The problem was, Mary Emily O'Hara got out over her skis and was forced to delete an erroneous tweet that blamed Trump's comments for John Feeley resignation.

She wrote in her resignation letter to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson that she was quitting because the U.S. had abandoned human rights as a priority, according to Foreign Policy. He joined it in 1990, after serving as a Marine helicopter pilot, and has held diplomatic roles throughout the Americas.

"John was born for the foreign service", said the USA official.

When word broke that the US ambassador to Panama quit, one MSNBC producer jumped to connect the dots to President Trump's alleged profanity in a closed-door meeting.

He remained busy under Trump. Trump reportedly said. "Take them out". Vice President Mike Pence visited the country back in August.

Much of Feeley's long career was spent working on Latin American issues. Trump denied saying some of these comments after a period of silence, though Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) has said that news reports have accurately described his immigration meeting with the president.

He said his understanding was that the ambassador had resigned for "personal reasons".

Vanessa Coleman