Updates as Theresa May meets her new-look cabinet

British Prime Minister Theresa May has named Jeremy Hunt to the job of foreign secretary after the resignation of Boris Johnson.

The walkouts came after a weekend of crunch talks at Chequers over the weekend, in which ministers tried to hammer out the UK's Brexit negotiating position. The consultation process for these undertakings closed last week and as expected to be made public in the next few days, before Johnson's departure led to the government shake-up. That plan is now in tatters and her political future appears uncertain. Later, he told the BBC the United Kingdom was giving "too much away, too easily" in negotiations with the EU.

"As we developed our policy on Brexit, I have allowed Cabinet colleagues considerable latitude to express their views", she said in her letter of response to him.

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May acted quickly to replace the ministers.

New Brexit secretary Dominic Raab also vowed to strike the "best deal with our European Union friends and partners" while preparing for an increasingly likely no-deal scenario. He also said he will "step up the preparations for "no deal" in case the spirit of pragmatism and compromise that we have extended is not reciprocated".

MP Jeremy Wright has been appointed as the new Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

Jeremy was a pro-Remain voter in the Brexit referendum and he has a very strong background in law. The tousle-headed blond Johnson is one of Britain's best-known politicians, and one of the most prominent advocates for Brexit.

Johnson said in his letter that May's plan to keep close economic ties with the bloc means Britain is heading for a "semi Brexit" that would leave Britain with the "status of a colony" of the EU.

With Johnson's resignation, a noisy rebellion among the ranks could gather steam. The battle between 21st Century Fox and Comcast for ownership of Sky could have hit a bump in the road as a result of Boris Johnson's resignation as UK Foreign Secretary. "Mr Speaker, this is the right Brexit", she said to jeers from the opposition Labour Party. They quit amid divisions in the government over Brexit.

But in reality, she will be at the mercy of her party. It was a rare consensus, following talks at her Chequers country retreat about the way forward - a move meant to kick-start talks with the European Union that have been stalled for months. "What the Prime Minister needs to do is to give up on the Chequers proposal ... which does not actually deliver Brexit", he told LBC Radio.

But in parliament, her words suggested she had chose to face down the dissenters rather than change her plans. There was feverish speculation on Monday about May's prospects.

Vanessa Coleman