Unvaccinated Child's Tetanus Scare Highlighted By CDC Amid Anti-Vaxx Movement

The boy had to suffer through "jaw clenching, general spasticity and involuntary muscle spasms in his limbs, followed by arching of his neck and back a few days after suffering the cut" only because he was not vaccinated. When the boy began to have trouble breathing, his parents called emergency medical support, who air-lifted him to a pediatric medical center where he was eventually diagnosed with tetanus.

Tetanus is an uncommon but very serious neuromuscular disease caused by the bacterium Clostridium tetani. "Bacterial spores found in soil can enter the body through skin disruption", the OR doctors noted, with onset of illness typically occurring within about eight days.

The child would have jaw muscle spasms upon arriving at the hospital and couldn't open his mouth to ingest water. He was moved to a dark room and had to use earplugs in an effort to keep his body from spasming.

Forty-four days after he was hospitalized, the boy was able to sip clear liquids. "Blocking the neurologic stimulation of his muscles was the only method to get his muscles to relax". His blood pressure shot up, and he became feverish. The boy's body temperature would fluctuate between 97 and 105ºF (36.1 and 40.6ºC).

On the fifth day of this ordeal, doctors had to perform a tracheostomy-a surgery to create an opening in the neck to help a patient breathe. He showed good response to the treatments and was finally released from the intensive care unit on day 47. He had to be sedated, intubated, and placed on mechanical ventilation.

Tetanus is a rare and completely preventable disease.

Amid outbreaks of preventable childhood illnesses, one unvaccinated OR boy's nightmarish encounter with tetanus should serve as a cautionary tale for "anti-vaxxer" parents, doctors say.

According to NBC News, Dr. Carl Eriksson had informed it via an email that when Anti-vax OR boy was admitted into the hospital he was alert. That's a tragedy and a misunderstanding and I'm just flabbergasted.

OR is one of 17 states that allow personal and philosophical exemptions from vaccines, which permit individuals who hold conscientious objections to one or more shots not to get them or let their children get them. The boy was hospitalised for two months after he contracted tetanus following an injury on a farm.

Widespread vaccination has almost - but not completely - eradicated tetanus as a major threat, causing deaths linked to the illness to fall by 99 percent since the 1940s, the CDC says.

"Very few physicians in the USA know how to manage tetanus because it's so rare", said Dr. Mark Crislip.

So what can happen if you don't get vaccinated?

OR lawmakers are now debating a bill that would remove all but exemptions issued for medical reasons and require children be fully vaccinated in order to attend school.

Now a measles outbreak in that area has resulted in more than 71 infections.

The World Health Organization has identified "vaccine hesitancy" as one of the top 10 global health threats for 2019.

"It is within all parents' rights to ask questions about procedures that kids get". Uninsured or underinsured children may be eligible to receive vaccines at no cost through the Vaccines For Children program. "It completely revolutionized children's quality of life and being able to live disease free", said January.

Vanessa Coleman