United Kingdom paper: Trump trip won't be a state visit

But the lack of any mention of a United States presidential visit in the Queens speech earlier this year, which sets the agenda for all major visits hosted by the monarch, had confirmed that the trip had been postponed indefinitely.

But he will not sleep at Buckingham Palace as the guest of the Queen, probably staying at the residence of the new U.S. ambassador Woody Johnson instead.

Regarding the story that the trip has been "downgraded", a spokesperson for Prime Minister Theresa May's office told People the invitation has not changed, "Our position on the State Visit has not changed - an offer has been extended and President Trump has accepted".

The visit may be timed to coincide with the opening of the new USA embassy near Battersea Power station, sources said. The invitation was contested by some lawmakers, and House of Commons Speaker John Bercow declared he wouldn't get the opportunity to address parliament.

However, Trump is now likely to include London in a tour of European capitals early in 2018, despite threats of mass protest if he came to the UK. Any encounter between the two would likely be frosty, after Trump publicly berated the mayor over his response to the London Bridge terror attack.

Only three US Presidents have made State Visits to the UK.

The honour of a state visit is usually reserved for a President's second term, Evening Standard reported.

MPs, celebrities and trade unionists formed a "Stop Trump Coalition" vowing "one of the biggest demonstrations in British history to make very clear... that this is not in our name".

Trump could still be allowed to meet the Queen on a stripped down "working visit" in order to placate him, it was reported on Thursday.

At the time, Downing Street maintained there had been "no change" to plans for a state visit.

Vanessa Coleman