Unboxing for Business: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at Samsung Unpacked

The new phone, the Galaxy Note 9, will be faster and will last longer without a recharge. But don't expect earth-shattering features. It also comes as the smartphone industry has largely pushed the limits on hardware. "Everything is a little bit better, but nothing's revolutionary".

It will be released in Australian stores on October 4, with Samsung eyeing off a sales spike in the lead-up to Christmas, when wearable devices are typically popular. The company is also sending phones to outside labs, including UL, for independent safety tests. "This is the right innovation at the right time".

During the presentation, 160 Galaxy Home were used to demonstrate the high quality of the speaker - also realized with the support of AKG - however, we should wait a few more months to find out all the details related to this new product.

The dual 12MP camera on the Note 9 seems fairly similar to that of the Note 8. Samsung at first recalled the phone, then killed the Note 7 line altogether, waiting until 2017's Note 8 to try again.

The updates have meant a price increase, however, with the 128GB Note 9 costing £899, while the 512GB device will cost £1,099 when it goes on sale on August 24. Borrowing from the iPhone's playbook, the Note 9 will have the same USA price regardless of carrier. Behind the 6.4-inch screen of the Note 9, Samsung have hidden their largest ever battery at 4000mAh which they claim will power the phone for a whole day.

Samsung on Thursday, 9 August presented its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 9. There's been speculation - unconfirmed by Apple - that all new iPhones will ditch the home button and fingerprint sensor and rely entirely on facial-recognition technology found in the iPhone X. The Note 9 will still have a fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone.

The camera itself has been improved too, with artificial intelligence added to recognise scenes and alter settings to take better pictures automatically, as well as alerting users to any blur spotted so they can quickly retake a photo. It's much like applying filters with an app, except that the phone will do this itself, much the way Google's Pixel phones already do. The key reason why a person invests in a Note-series device is the stylus capability. This will let people control music or snap selfies just by clicking the stylus.

WHAT: For the next few days, owners of Galaxy devices will have first access to Fortnite beta on Android before it's more widely available.

As well as the new smartphone, Samsung also confirmed its new smartwatch - the Galaxy Watch - and previewed a smart speaker to rival the likes of the Amazon Echo and Apple's HomePod, Galaxy Home.

Vanessa Coleman