U.S. man's pet dog heroically saves deer from drowning

He couldn't tell what it was at first, but, as Storm got closer he could see an injured baby deer in the mouth of his dog.

The young animal is now being cared for at an area wildlife agency until it is in better shape, while Storm the dog enjoys his newfound fame.

The dog, called Storm, was walking along the bank with his owner when he spotted something in the water and in an instant jumped in and swam towards it.

They had to chase the fawn down again when it got spooked and ran, but it's safe now.

"I think it's so popular because of the concern that Storm showed to the fawn afterward when it came to the beach", Freeley said. "The second rescue was a lot of anxiety", Freely said and continued that then he felt Storm's pain and what it went through.

A dog in Port Jefferson, New York, jumped into rushing waters to save the life of a fawn. "He ran ahead of me and just charged into the water". During the rescue, he said he blew out his knee. Meanwhile, Kutznig carried the fawn, who was covered in ticks and suffering from an eye injury, back to their van.

The Strong Island Animal Rescue League said when the animal is old enough it will be released back into the wild.

Vanessa Coleman