Twitter Now Has A Channel For Roku

It adds more value to every Twitter video.

Roku developed a new app that will allow audiences to view live streams from Twitter directly on their set-top boxes. Today the company is doing that with a new app available from Roku's store, and you don't need a Twitter account to stream live video.

Ad in that area of news, it's now available as a channel for Roku as well.

Next up to get access to Twitter's new television app is Roku. It has signed a slew of deals to livestream content from WNBA, MLB, NFL, PGA Tour, Player's Tribune, and news and entertainment deals with Verge, BuzzFeed, Cheddar, Viacom, Dick Clark Productions, Propagate, IMG Fashion, and Live Nation. These will include a mix of live news reporting and video that's posted on Twitter by users, which Bloomberg will curate and verify to augment its own content.

The news comes in the same week that Twitter announced a dozen new premium content deals at its first-ever Digital Content NewFrontspresentation in NY. Also, as users watch a video, they will also be able to see the tweets being made about the video alongside.

Twitter is also taking steps to encourage more amateur video and video from various sources from their users, introducing the Periscope Producer API back in march that lets people stream high definition footage from places like studios, external cameras, and even drones. Users can select any of the live events that are running, regardless if they're streaming at the same time.

Compared with rival streaming-TV boxes, Roku is the most pervasive in United States households and tends to be one of the main ways people stream long-form TV from services like Netflix and Hulu, according to research firm Nielsen.

Vanessa Coleman