Twitter Is Getting a Bookmarking Feature

The product manager of Twitter, Jesar Shah has also shared a quick demo regarding this new Save for Later feature which you can find out in the above tweets which was shared by him through his own Twitter handle. He further asked for feedback from users as the team is now designing the option, whose expected launch date is yet to be announced. Last year, it updated its homepage for logged-out users so they could dive into various categories like News, Sports, Music, Entertainment, and more; plus view Moments and other featured tweets.

Twitter's product head Keith Colemen confirmed via Twitter, for obvious reasons, that this particular feature has been a top request from users and that the feature is in the process of being developed.

Bookmarking is sure to be popular because of the content that now gets attached to tweets.

Yet perhaps what's really been a drag on Twitter's ability to grow its user base is how overwhelming it can.

Twitter is working to add an option which will save tweets for later review.

Happening Now will eventually highlight tweets about live video, TV, and breaking news as well, the spokesperson said. With falling revenue and rising political debate over the fragility of social networking sites, Twitter surely has too much on its plate to manage.

Twitter is adding a new feature to help users figure out what's "happening now". For the same thing, Twitter user can share their feedback with hashtag, #SaveForLater.

When sports leagues such as Major League Baseball, the PGA Tour and WNBA have streamed games on Twitter, users right under the feed have been able to scroll through a curated experience of related tweets. Treating it simply as a stream of saved tweets like they did in the Hack Week version would become overwhelming very quickly in my opinion.

Furthermore, they plan to offer a new overflow menu on the DM icon.

Vanessa Coleman