Twitch to Give Free Games to Amazon Prime Members

Twitch has sweetened its Prime pot with the addition of Free Games with Prime, a new program with a very self-explanatory title: If you subscribe to Twitch Prime, you'll get free games every month.

The company will begin distributing free games to subscribers from 15 March, with first batch including Superhot and Oxenfree.

There's no word on whether triple-A games will make their way into Free Games with Prime.

Twitch Prime is included with an Amazon prime membership, which costs $12.99 per month or $99 per year.

As the Twitch blog explains, the Free Games with Prime offers comes off the back of a very successful Twitch Prime Indie Amplifier.

Twitch has a list of the free titles for March and April on its official website.

That's five games, all available for FREE and yours to keep starting on March 15th!

The merger has already released free games through Twitch, for example, Devil May Cry HD for the PC. Now Twitch seems to be getting in on the action for Twitch Prime users. Oxenfree is a moody adventure game, Superhot is a stylish FPS with a cool gimick.

The indie game downloads will be every month, and announcements for May will probably be coming soon enough. When April rolls around, subscribers will be able to claim Telltale's Tales from the Borderlands, SteamWorld Dig 2, Tokyo 42, Kingsway, and Dubwars. Also, keep in mind this is new and, most likely, Twitch Prime will include more in the deal (if they're just a little generous), in 2018 and beyond., the premiere site for gaming-related livestreams, joins Microsoft and PlayStation in offering up a free games service for paid subscribers.

Vanessa Coleman