Twitch buys exclusive streaming rights for Overwatch League

These numbers also don't include Chinese viewers, anyone watching on the MLG stream, or people watching on the official phone app.

The League itself is separated into two distinct divisions: Atlantic and Pacific.

Scott "Custa" Kennedy is the lone Australian face in the league, now listed on Dallas Fuel's roster.

Everyone's talking about the Overwatch League right now and for good reason: fans watched in their droves when it launched yesterday after months of hype.

Jake, who impressed on Team United States at the Overwatch World Cup, will make his Overwatch League debut on Thursday against the Philadelphia Fusion.

The Overwatch League regular season is split up into four stages, with each stage lasting five weeks. These are permanent teams based in cities around the globe. A new in-game currency, called the League Token, is being introduced, which lets players buy a themed outfit for one of their characters. The map pool has yet to be announced, but we expect it to be announced within hours. Preseason matches were broadcast exclusively on MLG-which has not offered any viewership statistics-but the regular season matches that begin tomorrow will be the first to stream on Twitch. He is a creative writer, gamer, and avid basketball fan on top of following World of Warcraft Arena, Competitive Hearthstone, and Competitive Overwatch. The next four teams by full-season record will playoff to take on the division champions.

But while the league opening by surpassing expectations will certainly be seen as a positive by franchise owners (and their investors) and Overwatch publisher Activision Blizzard, both parties undoubtedly want to see sustained success. If the Overwatch League delivers, and is fun to watch, that's fine by us. If a player is doing particularly well, or the commentary is focusing on them, the camera sticks on them until a major play takes place.

Later today three more matches are set to happen starting at 5PM PST, and the festivities will run through Saturday night, concluding the first week of the League. The final match will pit the Dallas Fuel against the Seoul Dynasty at 8 p.m.

First game of Overwatch League starts at 7 PM Eastern with the San Francisco Shock taking on the Los Angeles Valiant.

Vanessa Coleman