Trump's Pro-Life Easter Gift: White House Diverts Tax Dollars from Planned Parenthood

Nullifying the measure effectively paves the way for Planned Parenthood and other clinics to be defunded in a number of states, if not nationwide.

Filmmaker Michael Moore on Thursday blasted President Trump's treatment of Planned Parenthood after he signed a bill that could hurt the group's funding.

The move reverses a regulation put in place by former president Obama that prohibited states from withholding money from abortion-providing facilities.

Trump, who has had few opportunities to enact legislation during his first three months in office, signed the measure in private, quietly reversing an Obama administration regulation. Vice President Pence had to cast the tiebreaking vote in the Senate on March 30 to send the bill to the president. The failed House bill, which Trump supported, would have blocked federal money for Planned Parenthood for a year, in addition to repealing portions of Obama's 2010 health law.

And for a president fond of spectacle, the signing was unusually private, with no media present.

The law signed Thursday by President Trump that allows state's to block federal funds for Planned Parenthood won't affect blue states like CT. "For many of our patients, not being able to get care at a Planned Parenthood health center means that they don't get care".

Last week, Politico reported that the president's daughter, Ivanka Trump had requested a meeting with Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards. The rule from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) prevented states from blocking Title X funding to abortion companies like Planned Parenthood.

"The resolution signed today simply ensures that states are no forced to fund an abortion business with taxpayer dollars", Dannenfelser argued.

She pushed for Congress to take up more legislation to strip Planned Parenthood and abortion providers of other federal funds, like Medicaid reimbursements.

"Four million people depend on the Title X family planning program, and by signing this bill, President Trump disregards their health and well-being".

A mother and daughter attend Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's speech at the Planned Parenthood Action Fund in Washington, U.S. June 10, 2016.

The Trump administration's resolution, which Speaker Ryan called "a major pro-life victory", is considered part of a larger Republican-led effort to defund Planned Parenthood.

"People are sick and exhausted of politicians making it even harder for them to access health care, and this bill is just the latest example", she said.

Vanessa Coleman