Trump's lawyer says President not informed he is under investigation

"Which also makes you wonder why they'd pick a guy who is Comey's close friend to investigate a situation in which inevitably involves Comey". The "man who told me" seemed to be Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general who supported the firing and assigned Robert Mueller as special counsel in the probe of matters involving Russian Federation.

A member of the president's outside legal team says Donald Trump is not under federal investigation.

"If you can prove that there was something there and the president knew about it, then the obstruction case looks far stronger", said Washington attorney Justin Dillon.

But I'm a bit mystified that the president would have one of his lawyers get into an endless back-and-forth over whether he is officially under investigation. "The tweet from the president was in response to the five anonymous sources that were purportedly leaking information to The Washington Post about a potential investigation of the president". On Twitter, Trump dismissed as "phony" the idea his campaign colluded with any Russian effort to sway the 2016 USA election.

Jared Kushner may be considering new legal representation, The New York Times reported. Kushner is now represented by Jamie Gorelick, who is a partner at the firm WilmerHale.

Gorelick is a partner at the WilmerHale law firm.

Let it be known that no other president since the 1950s has taken matters of national security to this level of extremism.

Sekulow also opened a conflict between the President's political team and his legal one, hinting that the President's tweets should be discounted even though the White House said they are an authentic expression of his views.

Of course, that's what the president said last week. In fact, in his recent testimony he claimed that President Trump's executive order of the banning of Muslims in six Muslim countries was "well within his lawful authority" - despite the ban now being blockaded by two legal circuits and heard by the Supreme Court - and that nothing seemed to be wrong with how he was handling potential threats of terrorism in the United States.

That Trump now feels the need to attack seasoned prosecutors for simply doing their jobs speaks volumes - and says nothing reassuring about the lengths to which Trump, for whom self-preservation has always been the top priority, might eventually go.

"I would give him the chance to see if he could do that because if there's nothing there, he's not going to find anything anyway", Carson said. Sekulow mostly sidestepped the question, but he did suggest that Trump reached his decision through a "collaborative process" in which Trump considered Rosenstein's recommendation (made in a memo criticizing Comey's handling of Hillary Clinton's emails).

Trump is under pressure to reveal whether he has any tape recordings of private conversations with Comey.

The White House has been given until Friday by the House Intelligence Committee to provide an answer as to whether the recordings actually exist.

With Twitter, "the president has an ability to communicate with a broad sloth of people of 107 million", said Sekulow.

The committee sent a bipartisan letter this month to White House counsel Don McGahn seeking an answer by this Friday. Mueller was also a partner at the firm, and he resigned from his position after he was chosen as special counsel in the FBI's Russian Federation probe.

Trump has denied Comey's allegations about pressuring him.

"That signifies this president knew all too well that it was inappropriate", Schiff said.

During his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on June 8, Mr. Comey stopped short of accusing President Trump of obstruction of justice, something legal experts on both sides have mocked. Angus King, an independent from ME, stressed that the probe will likely last for a long time. Maybe the end of the year.

Vanessa Coleman