Trump to visit wall prototypes after State of the Union address

The government of President Donald Trump has proposed that $18,000 million be allocated in the next 10 years to the expansion of the border wall with Mexico, which revealed one of the most detailed plans of how the president intends to fulfil one of the distinctive commitments of his campaign.

Mexico has steadfastly rejected Trump's demand that it pay for the wall and few doubt that US taxpayers will foot the bill if the wall is built. According the paper, his plan includes cutting portions of the budget for Customs and Border Protection - specifically, money allocated to prevent criminal drug trafficking. Do occasionally bad people come into this country? Not everyone sees eye to eye with the slated proposal.

A few days ago, he once again asked Congress for the necessary funding for this wall, which means that American citizens are definitely going to be paying for it. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains why this project must be halted before we waste billions of dollars on a project that will do absolutely nothing for this country. In a bipartisan meeting held at the White House on Tuesday, the president said the border wall must be part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals' (DACA) approval.

The Trump administration is seeking $33 billion in total to increase security along the southern border, with the remaining $15 billion going to fund "critical physical border security requirements" such as technology, personnel and roads.

"And remember this, it's just common sense, they're not sending us their finest, OK", Trump said.

Although some immigration activists have said a pathway to citizenship is a must for any DACA legislation, Aguilar said a compromise will help reach a solution for those who need it. The program, introduced by the Obama administration, sought to protect thousands of immigrant children in the states.

Trump said any deal must stop immigrants from being able to sponsor their extended family members and must end the diversity visa lottery, which draws immigrants from under-represented parts of a world.

President Trump has ended the program - and their protected status will start expiring in March.

The controversy surrounding U.S. president Donald Trump's wall between the USA and Mexico continues, as updated plans bring the predicted cost to $33 billion, while a petition has been launched to designate the eight construction prototypes as a national monument.

Vanessa Coleman