Trump, Pence talk taxes in Indiana

President Donald Trump is declaring America "rockin'" as he kicks off a campaign rally in Elkhart, Indiana. He also discussed the three Americans released from North Korea, whom he greeted in Washington early Thursday.

"America is being respected again", Trump proclaimed to cheers inside a packed middle school gymnasium.

There were many moments of thunderous applause and some boos from the crowd directed at the media when the president called the media "fake news". "But you have to have that, because you don't know".

"As Indiana's hired help in the Senate, Joe voted with the president 62% of the time past year because he works for Hoosiers, not any politician or political party", said Hanscom.

For Trump, the rally provided an opportunity to hit at Donnelly, who represented a district that included Elkhart during his time in the US House.

"This November, Indiana will face an important choice: You can send a really incredible swamp person back to the Senate like Joe Donnelly or you can send us Republicans like Mike Braun to drain the swamp", Trump said.

Pence then slammed the vulnerable Democrat on his votes against last year's Republican tax cuts, repealing Obamacare, defunding Planned Parenthood, and confirming CIA Director-nominee Gina Haspel. "We have great health care plans coming out". Pence says Donnelly's Republican opponent, Mike Braun "will stand" with Trump.

The rally comes just two days after Greg Pence, the brother of Vice President Pence, was projected to win the GOP primary for the seat now held by Rep.

Trump used one of his signature rallies in northern in to paint a rosy picture of his presidency, pointing to low unemployment, "booming" job growth and optimism under his watch.

It's the recreational vehicle-making capital of the world: More than 80% of all RVs are manufactured in the region.

Trump on Thursday talked up the economy and his accomplishments, telling a rowdy audience that the "great news keeps rolling in". "3.3 million new jobs since the election".

But Obama was never given much political credit in Elkhart County, which is home to the sorts of white working-class voters who have abandoned the Democratic Party in recent elections.

While the NRSC and outside groups like America Rising have been hitting Donnelly repeatedly since nearly immediately after the 2016 election concluded, Trump and Pence are now going in for the kill. "It can also disappear if you put fools and you put the wrong people in".

On the Iran front, Trump lashed out against the multiparty deal agreed to by Obama, and envisioned crafting a new, lasting agreement with Iran. "But we can not allow them to have nuclear weapons".

Later, Trump seemed to take a swipe at the Obama administration for paying for hostages. "We didn't pay for them", Trump said.

At the same time, RV manufacturers could be among the casualties of a trade war triggered by Trump's decision to impose steep tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum from China.

Vanessa Coleman