Trump, Macron handshake turns into showdown

Rather than shake hands, Trump just stared off into space like a lost schoolboy.

If he had not explicitly taken a stand in the French election campaign, some of Donald Trump's remarks would have fed the idea of a possible victory of far right-wing candidate, Marine Le Pen.

After that, having been presented to Trump's wife, Melania, the 39-year-old French president lingered longer in his handshake with the U.S. first lady than the etiquette prescribes.

He shakes hands with Merkel and another world leader before shaking hands with Trump, which nearly seemed like a postscript to their aggressive handshake May 25.

But Macron, France's 39-year-old political wunderkind, appeared to be ready for him when they met for lunch at the USA embassy in Brussels ahead of a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit.

The opportunity to finally live the dreaded moment of the hand tightening during which the American president has often literally crushed the hand of his counterpart.

It has been well documented on social media that President Donald Trump seems to have an unorthodox style of shaking hands with people.

Emmanuel Macron is the new French president, and the latest victim of Donald Trump's ruthless handshake. "You can see Macron trying to get away from the situation - he puts his arms on Trump to stop him pulling him inwards".

President Emmanuel Macron on Friday vowed France's total support for Britain's fight against terrorism after the Manchester attack as he met Prime Minister Theresa May at the G7 summit. Both of us told him about Trump's affinity for the alpha male, grab-and-pull power pump that always seemed to reduce the other person to a rag doll.

"Yes!" Araud replied, imitating Trump's tight handshake grip. There was the weird 19-second handshake with a visibly bewildered Japanese prime minister, Shinzo Abe, and the time the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, seemed to beat his unusual handshake style. Macron then forcefully pats the yanking arm of Trump.

Trump appears to push aside Montenegro PM at North Atlantic Treaty Organisation photocallTrump's distinctive handshake has been the source of much mirth on the internet as he meets world leaders in the first year of his presidency.

Vanessa Coleman