Trump lawyer says president not under investigation, despite tweets

Press secretary Sean Spicer denied it was a travel "ban"; Trump tweeted it was a ban.

More importantly, Sekulow, an agile lawyer who has argued before the Supreme Court, enjoys high credibility with conservative base voters. In an appearance on Hannity, he said: "This is the complete collapse of James B. Comey and the Comey narrative about this case".

So while it may appear to more general viewers and Washington insiders that Sekulow struggled to extricate Trump from the hole he dug with his tweet Friday, his energetic defense sent a message to voters the President can ill-afford to lose.

"I don't know what the facts will show or what the special counsel will conclude, but Kasowitz, Sekulow & Dowd is not the dream team", he tweeted after the Fox News exchange.

"They want to lay the foundation to discredit whatever Bob Mueller comes up with", Schiff said on ABC.

Still, among a less targeted audience, Sekulow's performance drew mockery. In fact, to the contrary.

Rubio spoke on NBC, CNN and CBS.

But on Sunday, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow made the rounds of TV network news shows to state: "The president's not under investigation". "I can not read the mind of the special prosecutor", Sekulow said. And the answer, as I said yesterday, is no, ' Sekulow told the hosts of Fox & Friends on Monday morning.

Sekulow claimed the president is not spending a lot of time composing the tweets, but defended them as a means of speaking directly to voters, saying "he's responding to what he's seeing in the media in a way in which he thinks is appropriate to talk to those people that put him in office". And one of them is a person who defended the Clinton Foundation.

If a legal case against Trump is born of this investigation, Trump is no stranger to a courtroom.

It would be illegal, under the Presidential Records Act, for anyone in the White House to attempt to destroy those records, he added. And there's still no evidence of what was supposed to be the point of the probe, collusion with Russian Federation. "Less than a month later, you say he won't be fair". What Sekulow - or anyone, for that matter - may lack in proven skills tailored to the task at hand, he may make up for in loyalty to Trump.

But while his stock may be rising in Trump's eyes, some Republicans looked at his weekend antics with dismay. But I also think there is also evidence of obstruction. That conflict involves Mueller's long-standing friendship with former Federal Bureau of Investigation head James Comey. The special prosecutor met last week with the Republican chairman and the top Democrat overseeing the Senate Intelligence Committee's investigation of what US intelligence agencies say Russian Federation denies that it conducted such a campaign, and Trump denies there was any collusion between his campaign and Moscow.

Clearly, however, Rosenstein was in no position to offer advice to Americans trying to judge the veracity or meaning of stories that come directly from the president and his aides. He's also relying on his private lawyer Marc Kasowitz, who has represented him in legal actions for decades. Comey was leading the investigation into whether the Trump 2016 Presidential campaign cooperate with Russian officials and Russia carried out a computer hacking operation created to tilt the election in Trump's favor.

Gorelick is a partner at the WilmerHale law firm.

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