Trump language on Africa unacceptable, racist: Ghana

Around 700,000 people are now enrolled in the DACA program, which allows enrollees to live and work in the USA for two-year periods. In Thursday's meeting, lawmakers were reportedly proposing restoring the Temporary Protected Status permits for certain countries, while offering $1.5bn for a wall that Trump wants built on the United States border with Mexico. He said these hate-filled things. Some media outlets also reported that Trump said in reference to Haitians, "take them out".

A source who was briefed on the conversation said that Mr Trump said: "Why do we want all these people from Africa here?"

Robert Jackson, the current USA ambassador to Ghana, told Ghanaian reporters past year the election of Trump would not change the relationship between the United States and African nations.

A statement issued by the African Union Mission in Washington DC, USA, and copied to the Ghana News Agency expressed infuriation, disappointment and outrage over the unfortunate comment made by President Trump.

CNN anchor Don Lemon was astounded that Donald Trump could in all seriousness pay homage to Martin Luther King Jr. a day after the president referred to Haiti and African nations as "shithole" countries. "Never said 'take them out'". He called a proposal made at the immigration meeting "a big setback for DACA". Sorry, but there is no other word one can use but "racist". On Friday (local time) the President tweeted that his language was "tough" but insisted he did not say anything derogatory about Haiti aside from noting it's a poor country.

Since Trump lies so easily and has previously called himself the planet's "least-racist person", there might seem to be little point in pressing him to answer Ryan's question.

Trump defended his "tough" rhetoric on immigration, but said he didn't say anything derogatory toward immigrants.

The cover shows Trump in a black hole with only his hair showing.

Following an emergency session of the African diplomats, Pobee added that the group "is concerned at the continuing and growing trend from the USA administration towards Africa and people of African descent to denigrate the continent and people of colour". The president said he has a wonderful relationship with Haitians and suggested future meetings probably should be recorded.

Beyond Durbin, the president's comments have drawn swift rebukes from local Democrats.

President Donald Trump's invitation to Norwegians to immigrate to the United States, while railing against entrants from "shithole" countries, has received a glacial reception in the Nordic country.

Vanessa Coleman