Trump is tweeting about global warming again

Since parts of the American Midwest are now experiencing the lowest temperatures in two decades, global warming is not really a thing, right? "Please come back fast, we need you!", Trump tweeted on Monday night (local time).

Trump's tweet feels particular poorly timed as Australia and New Zealand struggle with a record-breaking heatwave.

Tracking the economic impacts of climate change from 2080 to 2099, the report said that nine "of the 10 states contending with the highest losses of county income voted for President Trump in 2016". "Have you never read a book in your life?"

The president's position has shifted slightly on the global climate crisis, from claiming it is a myth made up by China, to telling CBS's "60 Minutes" in an October interview: "Something's changing and it'll change back again".

A Wisconsin congressman is calling President Donald Trump "a moron" over a tweet that urged global warming to "come back fast" in the face of risky cold hitting the Midwest.

Trump's ignorance is nearly as risky as global warming. And during the Trump presidency, federal agencies have repeatedly reiterated the urgency of the threat, including with the National Climate Assessment. Cities in the Midwest opened warming shelters as temperatures plummeted well below zero degrees Fahrenheit (minus 17.8 degrees Celsius).

"Is there climate change?"

"This leads to more extreme weather both hot and COLD!"

Climate change doesn't eliminate random variability, so we'll still get weather that doesn't fit the general trend - 35 percent of historical snow seasons with extreme snow events were actually warmer than average, NOAA explained. It was this tweet - "Lollll". Teigen's tweet was in response to Trump's tweet stating, "It's very sad that Republicans, even some that were carried over the line on my back, do very little to protect their President". "Whatever happened to Global Warming?" Clearly, she hurt his feelings real bad.

The Toronto Star's Washington correspondent, Daniel Dale, publicly grappled with whether Trump's latest foolish remarks deserved any attention.

In addition, the report said the South would experience numerous most negative mortality effects of climate change, with Texas particularly affected.

Vanessa Coleman