Trump's McCain attacks resurface after he tweets honoring POWs

America's Prisoners of War (POW) and soldiers Missing in Action (MIA) are not forgotten and there is a vast but quiet vigil held in the hearts of many.

"The state of South Dakota continues to support efforts to account for every service member classified as missing in action", said Dauggard.

"The plight of the MIAs and POWs, if there were any right now, are foremost in our mission - to remember them and to get the ones who are missing identified and bring them home if at all possible", Zentz said.

A couple of days after Roger Hallberg went missing, Bruce Hallberg received a call from Roger's wife asking him to call their parents, who were in Venezuela at the time. Today this gesture is the only kind more than 1,600 Vietnam War veterans have received, as they remain on a list of unaccounted POW/MIA.

We, as a nation, made a solemn promise to the members of our armed forces and civil servants stationed around the world.

"This (ceremony) is more to recognize them and their families' sacrifice". "I am not one of these many people that are here from Korea or Vietnam who went through bad experiences in combat and life and living conditions..." He is a former gunner with he 106th Infantry Division, 422nd Regiment and was held as a POW during World War II. "And you look at those young faces, just babies going to battle and not coming home", Lee said. "Like I said, 83,000-plus are still missing".

The ceremony, which ended with a slight waft of smoke that rose from the single candle being extinguished at the table of honor set for one, lasted less than five minutes and about 20 people attended.

"This was the only event that we paid homage to those POW/MIA members who have passed away".

"So, our goal with this is to provide a constant reminder to people of those who've come before us who were [or still are] POW/MIA", said Sutton.

A joint Department of Defense color guard opened and closed the ceremony where all branches of the service were present.

Vanessa Coleman