Todays Hellblade Sales Will Be Donated To Mental Health Charity Rethink

So today, Ninja Theory are trying to do their bit once again, with all proceeds that they receive from sales of Hellblade today being donated to Rethink Mental Illness, a charity devoted to mental health - you can find more information about this charity here and donate separately, if you like.

Hellblade is a superb exploration of mental illness told with poise and poignancy.

This is in honor of World Mental Health Day, a day created to make people more aware of mental health issues and provide help to those who need it.

Rethink is a United Kingdom organization that supports and campaigns for those severely affected by mental illness. Specifically, these messages are related to the way in which Hellblade affected the lives of fans who suffer from mental illnesses, as it ultimately provided them with a sense of solace, while also offering those not struggling with such problems an avenue to approach and understand mental health issues. A very different kind of accolades trailer.

The announcement came alongside a new video, above, that stitches together screenshots players have taken using Hellblade's photo mode (they look pretty stunning) and quotes sent in by fans, which offer messages of support for the game's attempt to tackle the topic of mental health. If you haven't gotten to it yet though, you might want to consider purchasing it today.

Today we're happy to be sharing the Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Accolades Trailer.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is now available for PlayStation 4 as a console exclusive and for PC via Steam.

Vanessa Coleman