These Sweatpants Are the Ultimate Thanksgiving "Eating Pants"

But I can count on zero hands the number of times I wanted to wear my stuffing-love on my sleeve.

Their "Thanksgiving Dinner Pants" are sweatpants with a stuffing-print waistband that will expand as you do.

Stove Top released a parody video to its YouTube page Monday to help promote the "Thanksgiving Dinner Pants".

They are cranberry-colored stretchy pants accented with a fabric that features a stuffing pattern across the abdomen and in the pockets.

In case you think a giant band of stuffing isn't enough, Stove Top's trousers also have pockets lined with stuffing graphics.

"This is the stuff Thanksgiving is made of and the flawless way to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner in comfort and style", Stove Top's informercial informs viewers.

An image of the stuffing is placed high and fits right over your belly. The company will donate $10,000 of the proceeds to Feeding America.

Vanessa Coleman