These are all the Google Assistant speakers with displays

The company said this year will see voice-activated speakers featuring Google Assistant from Altec Lansing, Anker Innovations, Bang & Olufsen, Braven, iHome, JBL, Jensen, LG, Lenovo, Klipsch, Knit Audio, Memorex, RIVA Audio, SoLIS and Sony.

The company also announced that its assistant is also coming to more smart TVs, headphones and Android Auto. Having it answer questions verbally is useful, of course, but using Google Assistant to do things like pull up a recipe, start playing a video on YouTube, or show off an album in Google Photos is better still. Designs are expected to be available in the first quarter. When you're not actively using the Smart Display, it doubles as a digital picture frame, displaying images from your Google Photos library.

As for features, the JBL LINK View has an 8-inch HD display, two 10W speakers and a dedicated passive radiator, 5MP front camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, and is IPX4 splashproof.

The addition of these smart displays will help Google keep pace with Amazon when it comes to widespread acceptance and use of its Assistant, but the company isn't stopping there. With a dedicated display, the Google Assistant is a lot more useful, because as it turns out, it's a lot more effective to see your day's schedule instead of having it read out to you. Google pulled YouTube from the Echo Show in September and subsequently also removed it from Amazon's Fire TV at the end of 2017.

Google Assistant is everywhere at CES 2018. You'll be able to get Lenovo's Smart Display with either an 8-inch or 10-inch display, and while the 8-inch model opts for a traditional plastic back, the 10-inch unit has a gorgeous bamboo one. And that's the Lenovo Smart Display.

Starting with Google Assistant, the tech firm revealed that the voice tool was available on over 400 million devices. Both displays look sharp and colourful, with the 8-inch one feeling like the flawless size for a device like this. On top of that, you can include all the usual compatibility with home automation systems already present on the regular Google Home devices. Lenovo, for example, is planning to charge $199 for the 8-inch version of its Smart Display and $249 for the 10-inch model, TechCrunch reported.

Google Assistant recently made the jump from phones to headphones and tablets, and soon it's going to appear on even more new types of devices.

Vanessa Coleman