The Story Behind Charlottesville's Robert E. Lee Monument

"Following the acts of domestic terrorism carried out by white supremacist terrorist groups in Charlottesville, Virginia, this past weekend, cities must act decisively and immediately by removing these monuments", Baltimore city councilman Brandon Scott wrote in a resolution calling for the removal of the statues, according to the Sun.

They descended on Charlottesville for a rally prompted by the city's decision to remove a monument to Lee.

Violent clashes broke out between white nationalists and counterprotesters and a woman was killed when a vehicle plowed into a crowd of people who were there to condemn the white nationalists.

- Baltimore BLOC (@BmoreBloc) August 16, 2017baltimore city is removing confederate statues in the dark of night. sneaky af and i like it.

The city of Baltimore, Maryland, became the latest to remove confederate symbols from public spaces, silently removing all four of its confederate monuments early Wednesday.

About a dozen city crews and private contractors were seen in Wyman Park, removing the Lee and Jackson Monument. "With the climate of this nation, I think it's very important that we move quickly and quietly". In the wake of violence by white supremacists in Virginia, a growing number of Dallas councilors want to take down the city's Confederate monuments.

In Lexington, Kentucky, the mayor has planned to remove two confederate monuments from the city's former courthouse.

"This week it's Robert E. Lee". I notice that Stonewall Jackson's coming down.

In Durham, Sheriff Mike Andrews said protesters who toppled a almost century-old Confederate statue in front of a North Carolina government building would face felony charges.

Asked specifically whether Charlottesville's Lee statue should come down, he said: "I would say that's up to a local town, community or the federal government, depending on where it is located".

The monuments in Baltimore City include a Confederate women's monument in Bishop Square Park, a monument for soldiers and sailors on Mount Royal Avenue, the Lee Jackson Monument in the Wyman Park Dell and a statue of Roger Taney that sits just north of the Washington Monument.

"This is the right time, " Gray said Monday.

Pugh said she was making plans to send the statues to cemeteries with Confederate dead outside the city. It said about 300 of them are in Georgia, Virginia and North Carolina. He failed to call by name the "side" of Neo-Nazi, and Ku Klux Klan far right extremists who showed up with various weapons, including venomous words of bigotry and hate, until two days later after an outcry from the public, the media, and several politicians. "I mean, I was up til 5:00 this morning to make sure they got off of those podiums where they are".

Vanessa Coleman