The stories of the best casinos in the world

You will not believe, but in the 50s, the most spectacular entertainment in Vegas was a nuclear test. To watch out of the window of a luxury hotel the mushroom cloud that appeared in the territory of the landfill, which is located only 100 kilometers, it was considered the best show for the richest people. Now you can seat down in your safe apartment and play in the best casino online.

And what about Europe? Only 15 billion euros and Spain has its own Euro-Vegas. Spanish world of entertainments consists of the millions of square feet of retail space, hotels for 20 000 rooms, seductive casinos, 180 000 staff. The problem is, they just have not decided on a location. The options are not so much - Madrid, Barcelona, and Costa del Sol. And Spain budget froze in anticipation of large admission. They want to take away the title of the European Centre in Monaco so badly, that are ready to take a risk. So, we think that you have to choose a better online casino, real money  will be yours.

And still today the title of the world leader by the income from gambling belongs to the US. The second place is occupied with a large margin by the Asian gambling establishments. Despite the fact that gambling establishments are concentrated in Asian countries in certain areas, "the market of fortune" there is growing in the incredibly fast time, and soon the leader may change, you just listen to the names of these areas and you will understand: Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore. Profit from each gaming table in Macau, you will not believe, is 28 000 dollars a day, and in Las Vegas, just 1 000. In the nearest future someone can pass the crown.

To monitor the business is getting harder and harder, gambling conquers the Internet space, so in recent years the United States, Canada, Australia, Greece, New Zealand, Portugal headed the course for the liberalization of the gambling industry. Within 5 years, in the UK the number of slot machines has increased by 300%. They have planned an abolition of the state monopoly on betting business.

Strict regulation of the gaming market remains only in the Muslim countries and some developing countries.


Vanessa Coleman