The people who invented strategy in blackjack game

Today, the fact of the existence of a strategy in blackjack is difficult to surprise anyone: it can be freely found on the Internet and in live casinos. Moreover, using it correctly, theoretically, in this card game can win even a novice. Still if you want to play live roulette you have to create your strategy.

However, this theory does not appear from nowhere. Once all the knowledge about a successful game in blackjack was reduced to only a few hypotheses. And four Americans in the time when there was no live casino have changed this game forever.


In 50’s, four American soldiers (Baldwin, Canty, Meyzel, and McDermott), liked to play blackjack while it was no live casinos there yet. Once Baldwin, who had a master's degree in mathematics, suggested that there should be a strategy to help them win the game. He spent a lot of time calculating formulas and even received permission from Sergeant Canty to use the computers for this purpose. A little bit later, Canty joined to this work himself, as well as his two assistants - Meyzel, and McDermott. A year later, the four of them set up the game strategy: as modern mathematics say, it is almost perfect (and it is surprising, as far as the computers at the time have not existed yet). 

Publications and Book

In 1956, the results of a study of Americans were published at the first time: article consisted of 11 pages and contained a huge number of calculations. Its use significantly reduced the chances of the casino but players cheered up.

A year after the article the publication of a book called "Black Jack: Play to win" was followed. The book brought new ideas, ahead of its time.

However, it did not receive massive success and Baldwin's fee for all the time was only $ 23. But the benefits were huge: in the future, it became the basis for the books of other fans of this card game in live casinos.

While Baldwin was not lucky with the publication, you still can read his book and win really huge money thanks to him.

Vanessa Coleman