The official trailer for documentary "The Director and The Jedi"

But you can see how all the symbolism might have looked to Hamill at the time.

The new batch of Star Wars trilogy is bringing something new to the table and Hamill recognizes that - especially with Luke.

Skellig Michael, an island off the coast of Kerry, was used as a location in the latest movie, Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi, featuring as the hidden refuge of Luke Skywalker. A music-only cut is a cool way to ask audiences to stretch their imaginations and a special treat as part of a growing trend of unique and special versions of films that really let directors get creative. It shows Luke in trickster mode, fooling Rey into thinking that the Caretakers (those adorable fish-faced nuns whom Rey keeps accidentally upsetting) are being attacked by a raiding party. But you have to think of the greater good and for whatever reason he cut it; you just have to accept it and move on.

Fáilte Ireland's Head of Festivals, Ciara Sugrue said: "The Force will truly be with us on 17 March and we are delighted to hear that Mark Hamill will be joining us as the first ever St Patrick's Festival International Guest of Honour". Well, no, I don't. "She was certainly no shrinking violet or damsel in distress.' I hope we had something to do with the trend of empowering females in Hollywood".

Hamill: The description of the robes falling to the rock was not (in the script). That version of Luke Skywalker walking into Jabba's palace in a black robe is one of the character's most badass moments. So I said to Rian, "Isn't this rather dramatically inert?" I'm sure he jumped on the opportunity to witness it. He didn't deny that. Half-jokingly, of course.

What lengths would you go to to save a favorite film character? There's nothing about it that suggests a coherent plot (although I suppose that's not really a deal-killer for Battlefront games, or Star Wars in general) but "What If?" stories are always fun because you can do whatever you want with them. He said: 'It's a conversation - and in this case it's a very intense conversation. Maybe I transported back to Tatooine and found an old Jawa robe to cover myself.

Vanessa Coleman