The Negative Impacts of Social Media

Do people on your social media timeline seem extremely happy and successful? Does it make you happier to be on social media? Are all those selfies actually good for you? Recent surveys actually reveal that a social media presence may lead to depression and this catch 22 given that more and more people are forgetting what life without social media used to be.

The rise of social media  has created a straining communication dynamic, the documentation of people’s lives on platforms Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram have their disadvantages and they are taking their toll on young people.

1. On the Topic of Success

In a fast paced world, it is becoming common for people to share their details about the career, jobs, relationships and other things that generally make them come across as awesome people. This can be detrimental to someone who may spend their time perusing people’s profiles and find a direct fault with his/her own life. A number of studies have correlated social media usage to anxiety, isolation and lack of self-confidence and even insomnia. Some people have described social media as epic movie they are just watching and can never be part of.

2. The effects on Real Relationships

It is reported that people have a handful of friends yet have thousands of friends on social media; online dating has become increasingly popular and normalised. Real life relationships tend to suffer; as social media rises, parents report feeling disconnected to their children and even fearing they may abducted by complete strangers. In addition to this, trolling can be detrimental to a person’s mental state as a simple tweet can create what is known as “Twar” (Twitter War), for instance, translating to abusive messages and responses.

3. Career sabotage

You may be gunning for a Marketing Job, and people in this industry are known to instantly Google candidates looking for jobs. If your drunken college pictures are the first thing a potential employer sees about you then you may lose out on a potential career opportunity. Furthermore, some people have posted negative comments about the bosses resulting in getting fired; the same applies to racist and sexist commentary. It is best to steer clear of negative and controversial status updates unless you’re in the kind of business  that thrives on those aspects. 

Vanessa Coleman