The Evil Within 2: How to Unlock Classic Mode & What it Does

Rewards in New Game plus will depend on the difficulty level you chose for the first gamethrough. Finally, you won't be able to upgrade Sebastian or any of the weapons or equipment that he's carrying. Items are plentiful, enemies can be killed easily, there's aim assist if you want it and the Bottle Break ability is unlocked straight away, ensuring that you can escape grabs if you've got a bottle in your inventory.

It's perhaps not the cleverest bit of scripting ever, but you get the idea: The situation is bad, and the only things that are going to make it better are bullets and hard noses.

"The original Evil Within was hailed as a sort of alternate-history exercise, a game from a timeline in which Shinji Mikami carried on working with Resident Evil after shipping the revolutionary fourth instalment, released when Resident Evil itself was deemed to be at low ebb".

Will be pleased to know that The Evil Within 2 will be launching tomorrow on Friday the 13th 2017 bringing with it horrifying treats for gamers to enjoy. Everything said about Nightmare holds true. Rather, it serves as a way to extend to gameplay on a game file should the player wish to collect the remaining files and locker keys hidden throughout Union after beating the game.

Per usual, you'll earn better weapons if you beat the game on a higher difficulty and Tango Gameworks makes mention of Sebastian earning new costumes depending on his actions in the previous playthrough. On top of that, you're only allowed to save seven times throughout the entire game. Sebastian could look different.

The Evil Within 2 is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. This ends with a preposterous final battle to save Sebastian's daughter from a huge glazed facsimile of his wife, and while the post-battle send-off is effectively poignant, it won't be enough for fans of the original to forgive how the game's odd design decisions are in service of trudging one toward what's essentially the single most ludicrous custody battle in the history of the world. These links leave Siliconera.

Vanessa Coleman